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Creating a word cloud with freeform shapes isn’t one of those usual suspects, though.In order to position the textbox correctly in the cloud, you have to know its size.Then, it loops through the entire list of words sorted descending by word count and positions the word as close to the center of the frame as possible.This way all words will be arranged concentrically around the center. the larger the textbox), the closer it will be to the center.

the data structure needed for the word cloud workaround. The word cloud implementation in Microsoft Excel provided in the previous post expects the source data to be a two column table: a list of unique words in the first column and their counts (frequencies) in the second column.The previous post Word Clouds with Microsoft Excel introduced another workaround to create a word or tag cloud in a standalone Microsoft Excel workbook.The article briefly describes the approach, the user-defined settings, the result and the drawbacks of the workaround.Agreed, VBA is slower than a compiled programming language like C# or C , but you can still produce amazingly fast algorithms with VBA.The most performance crucial parts of VBA applications in Microsoft Office are interactions between VBA and the application itself.

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