Paris hilton dating nascar casey

But then, finally, across the room I spotted her, the most stunning car I have ever seen.

A 1957 pink Thunderbird with all ivory interior and a dual top. I took some pictures with her and, of course, thought of all the fantastic retro inspired outfits I would coordinate while cruising around in her.

I highly recommend visiting for a little weekend trip.

If you have never been there, hit me up on Twitter and I can give you some fantastic restaurant suggestions!

I still have Jell-O shots in the fridge from Thanksgiving and some leftover Christmas cookies that are rock hard in the pantry! Truthfully, though, I am ready to get back on the road because it feels weird when I’m not unpacking a suitcase or hopping on an airplane to get to the race track.

This off-season was an exciting one for sure with lots of time with family and friends as well as a few awesome trips sprinkled in. Well, the last time you heard from me, we were in Vegas for the NASCAR banquet, but even before that was the craziness of cleaning, prepping and cooking for the over 35 people who came over for Thanksgiving at our house!

A huge shout out to one of Kyle’s biggest fans, Lexie, for starting the program with her mom!

They collect a gift card for every win and pole Kyle gets throughout the season and other fans have started doing this too so we get a huge amount of support by the end of the year to shop for all these deserving children.

Many of you see the rough and tough side of Kyle on the race track but, I’m here to tell you, my hubby has a very sweet and romantic side!

From stunning, classic cars to good food to the entertainment of watching people get into bidding wars, it should be on everyone’s bucket list to see.

I had so much fun walking around the tents just checking out the various cars and listening to Kyle and his Dad critique each one.

We saw Alyssa Milano, who came to the Daytona race last July where she launched her women’s NASCAR collection and was even a guest host at the NASCAR banquet.

It was a fun evening of dancing and people watching!

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