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We checked weather and the Long Valley webcam to make sure there was plenty of snow, then gathered our gear for adventure. We fueled up at Starbucks early on a Sunday morning, hopped on I-10 and headed east towards Palm Springs.We arrived at the Valley Station a bit before 8am, checked our gear one last time and bought our tickets for the tram. You’ll get the best parking, no lines and lighter crowds.Research is also needed to understand how populations will respond to utility-scale solar and wind energy development in desert tortoise habitat and to understand how they will respond to climate change.Large areas of the Southwestern Desert are developed or slated for development of large renewable energy projects, often requiring relocation of tortoises with results that are not always predictable.Research at Cottonwood examined the behavior, movements and reproductive ecology of tortoises using radio-telemetry and X-radiography. Background & Importance Agassiz’s desert tortoise populations are declining across their vast range in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah.

When we got back to the Mountain Station, we decided we wanted to do a bit more.

Our snowshoes used bindings very similar to skis, with ratcheting straps to lock in your hiking boots. You need to exercise some caution so you don’t step on your snowshoes, but otherwise it’s really easy.

Being first-timers, we decided a good place to start was the easy, 1.5 mile Valley View loop.

Agassiz’s desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) approach the southern edge of their mostly Mojave Desert range near Joshua Tree National Park.

Modern desert tortoise research started in the Park in 1978 when the first tortoise population census was conducted on a one square mile area in the Pinto Basin known as the “Barrow Plot.” U. Geological Survey research began at the plot in 1997 and continued intermittently until 2012, providing important long-term data on variation in population size and survivorship of long-lived tortoises during a period of widely variable environmental conditions.

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