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Critical acclaim has welcomed almost all of his projects, winning the 52-year-old some famous fans.Among them is Jason Isaacs, who admits to being familiar with “every nanosecond” of Iannucci’s output, from the Oscar-nominated , which stars Isaacs – along with Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin and Andrea Riseborough – has touched a few nerves.Everything looks official on the web, but it’s just somebody, somewhere, in some obscure bedroom, saying ‘I think Damian Green looks like a fish’.Before you know it, it’s almost like ‘Damian Green is a fish’ because the story appeared on a website that looks official.

Labour said ‘if Theresa May can’t do it, we’ll do it’, but they should both be doing it! Because then he becomes a clown, someone who is quite containable. It’s a comedy of realising what an absurd situation we’re in.

Today, if you say something I disagree with, I can block you. Like what we talking about earlier, when these things appear on a website that looks like it’s as if they become absolute scientific incontrovertible fact.

They get quoted and quoted again until they become official news.

The other side is, if anyone says something different to you, rather than engage with them you just cut them off. I know of young people who have switched their Twitter off, they want to get out of Facebook. A few years ago, I wanted to tackle a contemporary authority figure, perhaps a dictator, a populist, or a cult leader. Anyone Stalin disagreed with was called an enemy of the people, you were criminalised. It’s that same tendency of someone who wants to run the country by himself, not wanting anyone to oppose him. And now you have Putin possibly not letting your film play in Russia.

Democracy is about different opinions coming together, trying to hammer out something that appeals to the most people. So far that’s just been one person in the Communist Party who was quoted on a website somewhere. We have a Russian distributor who will go through the normal process.

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