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They aren't really colors you'd instantly link to horror, so straight away that's an interesting take or approach to go from.

MATTER: How did y’all meet and begin working on ICE CREAM MAN?

I used some '50s actors as reference, some pictures of old ice cream trucks, and the designs came out really easy!

As for creating the characters in each issue, I have much more freedom! The rest have maybe just one detail and then we start working on some sketches to define everyone's look.

Or, I dunno, maybe all of these things just live in a kind of harmonic order—the cheery, joy-bringing stuff, and the unfortunate sorrowful stuff, all as one.

You can hear it from miles away, and you immediately start to salivate once it’s in your ears.

You dash for your spare change and run out the door to catch it, right?

This particular ICE CREAM MAN is no different, except some decadent details that’ll make you squirm and think twice about those classic tasty treats. Maxwell Prince, Martín Morazzo, & Chris O’Halloran, a veritable ice cream truck crew, as they serve up a variety of tales that’ll tickle your tastebuds—and the back of your neck!

Besides the appearances by the Ice Cream Man himself, and repeating characters and locations, we'll have some graphic elements that will ground the reader and show this is all happening in the same world.

And there, on the side of the road, will be the Ice Cream Man, serving as a connector between each story.

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