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This will bring you to the only screen that says "Snapchat" on top. A photo of the gym can convey you're busy working out.But be careful: Snaps are easily captured via screenshot. I could keep writing, but I think it would be better if I simply showed you what one of these Live Stories looks like.Here's a video of a recent live story from Kuwait City: Snapchat is working with a handful of media companies on a relatively new program called Discover (Disclosure: Buzz Feed is a partner).

With the permission of its users, Snapchat curates Stories into larger, themed Live Stories, typically focused on an event or location.

The circle slowly disappears as the 24-hour timeframe elapses, letting you know how much time you have left to view it.

You'll only see content from people you're connected to on the app. This is a publishing platform, just like Facebook — except there are no likes or shares and your stuff disappears. The circle with the number at top right shows you how much time is left in the story.

First, the basics: Snapchat Stories are collections of photos and short videos that your friends (and any brands you might connect with) publish to the app. Anything published to Stories is given a lifespan of 24 hours, and Snapchat is capable of stitching multiple pieces of content together into a single story.

To view a story, you simply tap the circle next to your friend's name, or their name itself.

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