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The payment came five months before Williams’ office was called upon to investigate a work-site brawl involving the union’s longtime leader, John J.Dougherty, the target of a separate and long-running federal grand jury investigation.He previously criticized prosecutors’ allegations that his client had solicited gifts worth thousands of dollars – including trips for himself to California and the Dominican Republic – from wealthy benefactors seeking help with legal woes.Local 98 spokesman Frank Keel described the union’s decision to cover the costs of enrollment for the sisters – Hope, then 11, and Taylor, then 15 – as a scholarship, similar to dozens of others the union distributes to worthy students each year.

Both Malone and Mozenter appeared on the list of names in the January search warrant the FBI served on Williams’ email accounts.

But the appearance of Dougherty and Local 98 on the list, along with a handful of political operatives tied to both Williams and the union, stood out.

Until now, federal authorities have not disclosed a link between their investigations of the district attorney and Local 98.

♦ Within four months of the sisters’ return, the union again would enter Williams’ orbit.

In January 2016, tensions between Dougherty’s Local 98 and nonunion workers erupted at a South Philadelphia job site near Third and Reed Streets.

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