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"After that," Janice says, "I tried to stop thinking about him." But in 2010 she decided to give it one last go.She accepted his brunch invitation "to see if the spark was there.

Janice moved to Los Angeles and eventually to Reno, Nevada, to run her family's diving board business.

Over 47 years, each married and divorced multiple times. And once, when both were single, they even talked about getting back together.

"I was an idiot [for not rekindling the romance at that time]," Prentiss says.

And such matches are becoming increasingly common, thanks to the explosion of social media.

A 2015 study by the Pew Research Center found that more than half of Internet users over 50 are on Facebook and that finding people from their past is among their top reasons for logging on.

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"I can't give anybody advice," Frank says, "except to say that if life offers you a second chance, be willing to take it.

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