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At Bellevue Christian Counseling, our desire is to help couples form healthy, rock-solid relationships.We strongly believe that Christian premarital counseling is one of the best ways to do this.Christian Premarital Counseling Can Help You: The main purpose of Christian premarital counseling is to help you start important conversations about your future together in Christ.Many come to premarital counseling with serious concerns.Some of the basics you can expect from premarital Christian counseling include: Premarital counseling can be very similar to marriage counseling, especially if there are problem areas to work through.In any case, the idea is to take full precaution before getting married, so you don’t find yourself in counseling for serious matters years down the road.Christian premarital counseling can help you pour that strong foundation using solid, proven counseling methods for premarital couples along with faith-based teachings for what a Christian marriage should be. Why not do everything in your power to make that happen?We believe in Christian premarital counseling as a great tool for helping engaged couples learn skills for creating and maintaining a fulfilling, Christ-centered marriages.

Here are some statistics to...continue reading »Many engaged or newlywed couples are confused by the idea of premarital counseling.

The approach might vary from counselor to counselor, but for most the goals are very similar.

Your counselor will conduct sessions according to what is most beneficial for you.

More satisfying marriages are often reported by those who participated in some pre-marital counseling for the insight, honing of relationship skills, and encouragement provided.

Important Pre-Marriage Counseling Questions The following are typical, key pre-marriage counseling questions which can be addressed by pre-marital or pre-engagement counseling.

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