Best books to read about dating

Quiet and reserved, 69-year-old Arthur Pepper always stuck to his daily routine— until he finds an unfamiliar bracelet belonging to his late wife, Miriam, a year after her death.

He embarks on a multicountry journey to uncover Miriam's secret past, learning along the way how to heal from loss and embrace life's unpredictability.

What begins as a study of small-town society becomes a compelling account of war and its aftermath.

Emilia Brown is an elderly widow who was never one for frivolity, but when she spots a beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress while helping inventory an estate, she is entranced—she must own it.

Beatrice Nash, the new schoolteacher in a small English town, craves independence after her father's death, but she is soon drawn into the lives of the other residents, many of whom she comes to care for.

ogether, we’ve come up with a list of 42 novels that mean the most to us, from the classics to less well-known stories deserving of a wider audience.

Take a look at our picks and see if any of them grab your fancy. I have read it to three-year-olds who learn about friendship and confronting fear, to seven-year-olds who ponder about nature and wistfulness and for me, to reflect on other-worldliness and personal space. Hemingway’s story of the anguished, hopeless love affair between American war veteran Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley is set against the backdrop of the San Fermin bull festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Two major earthquakes strike San Francisco within an hour of each other, destroying the city.

In the midst of the chaos, three characters come together and their lives are forever changed as a result.

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The result is a baker's precise blend of hilarity and heart as she discovers what's worth holding onto and when it's time to let go.

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