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Then, add the butter gradually, two tablespoons at a time.

Keep whisking until all the butter is incorporated. To assemble: Place the mince on a plate in a ring mould or a neat mound. Serve with the crispy rice balls scattered on the plate and garnish with coriander leaves to get that lovely, fresh flavour.

In particular, he’s become somewhat of a Cape Malay bobotie fan.

“I love how such a humble dish can be so versatile,” he explains.

Then add some salt and pepper and allow the mince and spices to cook through.

Remove from the heat and remove the muslin cloth with the crushed spices.

Crush all the spices, place in a muslin cloth and knot it closed.

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When the oil starts to smoke slightly, add the onion, garlic and ginger.

Gently sauté until the onions become translucent, and then add the mince with all the spices - including the spice-filled muslin cloth.

In 1998, German-born kitchen maestro Stefan Schmidt exchanged life in Europe for Cape Town’s summers, wine and beaches.

Since stepping into South African kitchens – first at the Grande Roche Hotel in Paarl and now at Trees Restaurant in Cape Town’s CBD – the Michelin-trained chef has grown a healthy adoration for traditional local dishes.

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From tragic beginnings, Cape Malay has emerged as a strong culture of its own distinct from the Asian, African, and Dutch cultures that have influenced it.

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