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VR dating won’t make it any harder for people to lie about their looks, but it’ll at least make assessing chemistry a lot less painless.“One of the coolest things is getting to drop out of the date at any second,” says Hollywood.The game combines humor, flirting and romance, to deliver a unique and entertaining experience not found anywhere else on a mobile device. Unique personalities: Jock, Geek, Sophisticate, Partier and The Romantic ? Availability: 11/19/2015 My Virtual Gay Boyfriend Website Download on Itunes Download on Google Play Download on Amazon My Virtual Gay Boyfriend - Launch Trailer About WET Productions Inc. To learn more about WET Productions Inc, please visit Contact Mike Amerson Co-Founder/Creative Director 702-460-0428 [email protected] Games Press is the leading online resource for games journalists.

It won’t replace human contact, but it’ll serve as an accurate tool for pre-screening, lowering the stakes of a first date but preserving the intimacy needed for relationships to develop.

Love in the time of Oculus Rift is going to be a weird and occasionally painfully efficient thing, but the end goal has always remained the same.“Love is everywhere,” says Hollywood.

If you look few years back in the history communication with virtual girlfriends was only limited to films and video games.

Even if they’re not ready for it, the public is: In a recent survey, the tech giant Ericsson found that up to one-third of consumers are already down to strap on a VR helmet for online dating.

And a recent analysis of dating trends by digital romance behemoth e Harmony predicted that VR dating will be the by 2040.

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