Updating garmin 225 voice

I have a Dell computer and I'm trying to locate the USB port. Please note that I have virtually no technical computer smarts!

I just received a GPS navigator, Garmin Drive Smart 60 and want to download my manual.

The Garmin basic etrex displays very little status information on its satellite screen.

Only 4 satellites are shown and they are not displayed with any geometric information.

The Garmin emap will display this information but does not automatically switch to the status page.

The almanac provides the data you see on the screen and aids the GPS receiver by letting it know which satellites are likely to be available.

It takes 18 seconds to download this information because it is only being sent at 50 bps.

Since your Garmin was turned on at a random time with respect to the satellite transmission it can take up to 36 seconds to download this information assuming no interruption.

The almanac data is usually good for about 3 months and is updated automatically when the unit is in use.

However if you leave the unit off for over three months it will have to re-collect much of this data before it can obtain a fix.

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