Validating a buisness in saint grenadines

Inefficiencies could be caused by internal or external changes such as changes in regulatory policies or technological developments.We identify and understand critical aspects of each process from a business and consumer point of view.The process is then redesigned and improvements are implemented accordingly.Finally, we monitor the performance of the new processes to ensure their smooth functioning in line with organisational requirements.Critical associated business processes are also considered.We then prioritise key processes on the basis of their nature and potential to improve, followed by an analysis of the process, which identifies gaps between the ‘as is’ process and the ‘real process’.Business Plan Services A business plan can provide a reliable planning framework for your business from an overall strategy perspective to detailed operational matters.It can help you explain and illustrate your vision for your business, and help persuade others – investors, lenders, employees, etc. At SKP, we first seek to understand the dynamics of your business and then, with an aim to add real value and aid decision-making, we offer solutions by validating or developing your business plan.

Besides our competence in accounting and tax, our strength lies in the ability to be your business and commercial adviser and managing your entire entry plan for India as a comprehensive project.

India has become an increasingly attractive destination for doing business.

Foreign direct investment has been on the rise with a growing number of international businesses looking at establishing operations here.

Our experience and practical and commercial understanding of India equip us to help you successfully establish operations in India.

Through our services, we provide your business with tremendous support and care. Market Research and Strategy We help create an efficient market entry strategy for India, helping you reduce costs by preventing mistakes from the very start of your expansion plan.

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Our market research examines factors that would affect your plan, including: We have successfully completed extensive market research assignments for companies across sectors, including pharmaceutical packaging, building materials, glass manufacturing, waste water treatment and aluminium tubing.

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