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But the scam artist is using the phone chat line to con people into thinking he's a police officer, and that he's caught them doing something wrong.In the reports, victims were called by a female who said she was 28-years-old.Front end developers – This group is building out the site using the Meteor.

Since it is such a large project, I decided to to segment different functionality in order to execute the project in time.

The female reportedly spoke with both victims over the phone and then hung up.

Both victims later received calls from the scammer, a man who claimed to be a sheriff's deputy.

As I am a full stack developer, I typically develop and build the system myself, but given the complexity of the project, it is appropriate to separate responsibilities to front end and back end developers.

Per the norm, we will keep the database engineers separate to make sure the interfaces are communicating and storing properly.

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Database Engineer – Looking at other primarily UIs, I’ve hired a database engineer specialized in MSSQL.

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